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Manufacturer/Technology Our resistance welding controllers have been used by automobile manufacturers in 47 countries throughout the world. We apply the most advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence into our current welding systems to provide our customers with unique and leading-edge systems to meet customers need. We also put special efforts in developing environment-oriented products with energy-saving features. Using welding systems as a core, we are always trying to develop welding technologies such as arc, lazar, and plasma as well as new products.

Our Resistance Welding Control Systems

Our resistance welding systems and resistance welding control devices have a leading share among domestic automobile manufacturers. We have aggressively pursued development of air cooling control technology that does not require cooling water as well as spatterless welding technology using artificial intelligence considered impossible with the present technology.

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Development of New Technologies

We aim to continue providing efficient welding systems which are friendly to people and the environment and also continue development of next-generation machines with cutting-edge control technologies using weldability analysis data.

Laboratory for Welding Quality Analysis

For analyzing weldability of new welding materials and welding quality assurance, we have measuring equipment to adjust welding strength and welding shapes in our showroom available for our visitors.

Tensile Test / Macroscopic Test / Hardness Test / Form Measurement / Resistance Welding Evaluation

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