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Application Cases

Laser Welding&Cutting

Remote Laser Combined Processing

By changing processing conditions of laser oscillators and robots, this system enables consecutive welding/cutting and processing by the same head and shortening of task time.

The picture shows a sample of processed materials being cut, punched, and welded at the same time.


High-Speed Remote Sealing

Remote sealing with a long focus realizes high flexibility of processing by attaching the arm of robots.

The picture shows sealing processing of aluminum which is possible in narrow scope.


Pore Processing by Robots

By using processing robots with high accuracy, press work which was previously done by separate operations becomes able by a single robot.

The picture shows high-speed pore processing by a robot.


Trimming Processing by Robots

By using processing robots with high accuracy, trimming which was previously done by separate operations becomes able by a single robot.

The picture shows trimming processing of a sample.


Jointing of Plastics and Metals

By making use of laser characteristics, jointing which was previously considered difficult becomes easy. There is a growing need for Jointing of Plastics and Metals in different fiends.

The picture explains the principle of welding of acrylic sheets and aluminum alloy sheets.


Spatter-less Welding for Corner Joint

The most suitable processing conditions lead to smooth weld bead. Surface polishing processing becomes unnecessary, which leads to reduction in investment cost.

The picture shows a finished surface after welding.


Laser-MIG Hybrid Welding

In case of welding of materials with gaps and welding of splintery materials, by making use of deep welding characteristics of MIG, laser-MIG hybrid welding makes possible processing to fill gaps and processing of materials which are difficult to weld.

The picture shows welding of aluminum alloy sheets with air gaps of 0.5mm.


5-axis Laser Machine from TRUMPF

5-axis laser machine from TRUMPF has a maximum sending speed of 100meters per minute.
This user-friendly system can adjust to smooth processing CAM system and can choose disk laser oscillators which meet specification.

The picture is TruLaser Cell7040 from TRUMPF.


3 Dimension Laser Processing Machines

This system advances productivity by increasing operability of teaching box which directs routes in 3-dimention processing and by shortening setup time and processing time.
This system can be utilized in CO2 laser welding and heavy plate cutting and provides a wide variety of processing.

The picture is VZ20-40CF-R from Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.


Arc Welding

Tracking System

This system can operate semiautomatic arc welding by detecting welding lines by laser sensors. If the shape of a welding line is similar, small amount of misalignment is permitted.

The picture shows welding demonstration of detecting welding lines by laser sensors from Servo-Robot Inc.


Multilayer Welding Robots

This system can automatically operate Multilayer Welding by setting a starting and a finishing point.
This system can conduct wide bead welding by adjusting weaving movement.

The picture shows our DERA-ROBO.


Low Spatter Arc Welding

CMT(Cold Metal Transfer)welding is new type of short arc welding which enables spatter reduction smaller than the pulse welding by repeating feed and reverse of welding wire during arc welding.
This welding becomes possible welding of ultrathin boards by regulating the welding heat to a minimum level.

The picture shows welding by a combined system of a robot from YASKAWA ELECTRIC CORPORATION and CMT.


Roller Hemming System

Roller Hemming System Utilizing Robots

Hemming processing is a processing method which bends the end of sheet metal. Conventionally, it was called press hemming processing. It requires many kinds of die assembly, and it takes lot of time to exchange the die assemblies. NADEX proposes Roller Hemming System. The system performs hemming processing freely according to the form of a work by attaching the hemming roller to the hand of the robot.

The picture shows operation scene by using a robot.


Welding Quality Inspection System

Welding Quality Inspection System by using a robot

Accurate inspection of welding conditions is possible by monitoring bead conditions in real time after welding using laser sensors. The settings of various welding conditions can be changeable to suit customers' specifications and process management can be possible according to production volume.

The picture shows operation scene by using a sensor from Servo-Robot Inc.


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